We guarantee the highest quality in our services with professionals with more than 25 years of experience


A multidisciplinary team with more than 200 projects and work management visas in professional association.


High and low voltage installations, photovoltaic, telecommunications, public address ...

Manufacture of Electrical Frames

We perform the calculation, design and manufacture of electrical panels. Tested and certified according to regulations.


We perform normative, preventive and corrective maintenance work.

3E 2009 Soluciones Eléctricas Viguesas SL, was set up by José Manuel Cabaleiro in 2009, ceasing its activity in 2010. In April 2018 the company was relaunched with the entry into the social capital of José Manuel González Valle, a long-term professional in the field of engineering and electrical installations. In August 2021, José Manuel González Valle acquires all the shares of the company.

– Engineering, installation and maintenance of electrical installations in buildings, industries, photovoltaic, wind farm and similar
– Import, export, representation, intermediation, commercial representation, sale of machinery, materials and equipment