About us

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The company:

The Company Soelvi with firm´s name 3E 2009 Soluciones Eléctricas Viguesas SL, was set up by José Manuel Cabaleiro in 2009, ceasing its activity in 2010. In April 2018 the company was relaunched with the entry into the social capital of José Manuel González Valle, professional of wide experience in the field of engineering and electrical installations.

Domiciled in rua Casal de Abaixo, nº 2, Lavadores 36206 Vigo, focuses its activity on:

  • Engineering, installation and maintenance of electrical installations in buildings, industries and ships, photovoltaic, wind farm and similar.
  • Import, export, representation, commercial representation, sale of machinery, materials and equipment

Accredited experience:

Despite being a company that initiates activity, it has the professional experience of its members:

  • José Manuel González Valle
    • Industrial Engineer, collegiate number 825 of the Illustrious Official Association of Industrial Engineers of Galicia since 1992 and an effective member of the Ordem dos Engenheiros Região Norte Portugal with nº of the Profissional Certificate 44453 since 2005
    • Authorized Electrical Installer specialist category nº PO 1278 since 1992
    • See career path here
  • José Manuel Cabaleiro Rodriguez
    • In charge of the electrician company Cerdeira Industrial in Vigo until 2001, in 2002 he establishes himself as an independent and in 2011 he created the company IEMI Cabaleiro SLU with extensive experience in assembly of electrical installations in buildings, industries and ships. Presentation
    • See career path here